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The Thrills

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

I really like the music that Irish band The Thrills make. Even after 5 years, it’s held up as some of the most timeless music for me.  I’ll normally just listen to them once or twice every few months, so I suppose something has to be said for listening to artists in moderation. Here’s some of their music videos below that I’d like to share. Cheers!

The Thrills – Big Sur

The Thrills – Not For All The Love In The World


Respect and Dignity in the Animal Kingdom

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

While out and about on web-safari, I found two stories about animals that I thought were great! Sappy, but great stories non the less.

This first one is the widely circulated story of Christian the Lion, so you might have already seen it. It’s in film-version.

The Wikipedia article about Christian the Lion can be found HERE.

This second one  is in regular text/photos story about a turtle caring for a baby hippo after the hippo’s parents died in a  tsunami.

Old Turtle and Baby Hippo

Old Turtle and Baby Hippo

The full story can be found HERE.

I’m not someone who views animals as prestine. I’m fully aware that lions and wolves bite the jugular of their prey and start eating whatever it may be before it has time to fully die. However, I still love and admire the animal kingdom greatly. The lack of things such as slavery, gratuitous torture, or verbal degradation in the animal kingdom make it seem much more dignified and respectful to me.